Nolan Daniels ended up creating a internet, or at least Facebook, sensation with his offer to randomly give away $1,000,000 from his winnings of the $580 million Powerball ticket.  Unfortunately, if you look closely, you know, past your own desire to get a million dollars, you will see that the “16″ has a line in the middle of the “1″, because it looks like it used to be 46. There are other odd issues with the ticket.

If you look at any Powerball ticket you will see they are listed in ascending order from left to right as you see in these images.

The reason I bring this up is because A) I like a good prank, B) it shows what happens if you appeal to people’s desires (I would love to have seen what would have happened if he offered to give it to a charity), and C) look how far it reached because of social media.  At the moment of this writing he has 260,000 shares, up from 230,000 just 15 minutes ago. (Now 6,000 more in just 4 minutes.  This is absolutely viral.)

If you ever question the power of social media here is your answer, it depends on the message.

Facebook Shares on 11/30/2012 PST
1:40pm 293,000
1:43pm 304,000
1:48pm 315,000
1:51pm 326,000
2:00pm 350,500
2:15pm 391,500
2:30pm 439,000
2:45pm 496,000
3:03pm 552,000
3:17pm 597,000
3:32pm 640,000 (somehow it is staying in the 40,000 per 15 minute range)
3:52pm 697,000
4:29pm 792,000
4:46pm 837,000
5:52pm 1,000,000 (Ridiculous, I read some of the shares and people just believe it. Is it because we are optimistic or naive? Have I become jaded?)
10:40pm 1,500,000
December 1st
12:30pm 1,800,000 shares and he opened comments up

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